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Client Bill of Rights

  • To be treated in a courteous and respectful manner,

  • To respect the client’s privacy, dignity and autonomy. 

  • To recognize the person’s individuality and be sensitive to that person’s needs and preferences. 

  • To have his/her records kept confidential. 

  • To know how much services cost. 

  • To have any comments or problems followed up by staff. 

  • To expect receipt for any payment (your statement is a receipt). 




  • Our organization is staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers. Any disrespectful or abusive language will not be tolerated. Please help us uphold a culture of mutual respect. 

  • If you cannot be home for your delivery, please leave a small cooler or box outside for your meal delivery.

  • Notify us of any changes as soon as possible. 

  • All requests should be made by phoning Meals on Wheels (250-664-7222), or by email to

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