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Sunriver Community Gardens

Providing fresh, locally grown produce to Sooke Meals on Wheels















Gardeners at Sooke’s Sunriver Community Gardens (2380 Phillips Road) have been growing food for the broader Sooke community since the allotment garden began in  2010. Starting in 2021 the “Grow for Sooke” initiative has donated hundreds of pounds of produce to Sooke’s mighty Meals on Wheels program.

This Spring, lots of volunteers weeded and seeded, planted and transplanted, and weeded some more! The District of Sooke came through with a grant to help us expand our potato growing area, and an external foundation provided a substantial grant to help refurbish the greenhouse dedicated to Grow for Sooke and expand our dedicated growing area some more. We’re aiming to produce over 1000 lbs of potatoes this year, as well as other crops, including a greenhouse full of tomatoes.

By July Sunriver Community Gardens should be delivering fresh vegetables to Meals on Wheels once or twice per week, well into the Fall. Volunteer gardeners couldn’t be happier to support Sooke’s Meals on Wheels program in this way.


For more information about Sunriver Community Gardens see (June 2023)

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